Among his farm activities, Rob raises calves including pedigree Jerseys. Each year they have a tendency to get scours and cryptosporidiosis has been repeatedly isolated. These calves are scouring and off food for far too long. In 2006 there was nothing around that had shown any benefits. When Kryptade was launched he was quick to try it.

He commented that it made so much difference that he could see calves starting to recovery the next day after he had given them their first 2 doses. While he wanted a total prevention package, he had to admit Kryptade was a great start – something to help calves recover.

He has continued to use it in 2007 and 2009.

Rob works hard to improve the recovery phase with special aftercare. He uses multiple small meals of milk of up to 4 small meals daily in the subsequent days to ensure they don’t relapse from milk overload. He is now developing an ad lib milk-feeding to these calves in the recovery stages.

Kryptade really works – on farm testimonial