Cryptosporidiosis Targeted by New Calf Electrolyte


KRYPTADE is the SECOND step in the Crypto Control Programme. The first is a diagnostic work-up by your veterinarian. KRYPTADE can be used prior to results from this test – to ensure treatment outcomes are optimal from day one.

The Crypto Control Programme incorporates just how farmers can take control of cryptosporidial scours in an outbreak. Making the whole process of recovery more manageable for caring calf rearers. KRYPTADE is backed up by original research and farmer reports. It breaks the back of scours with improved recovery. For full data on how just successful KRYPTADE can be – the summary of the original trial data is provided: KRYPTADE In Plan. (PDF Format).

For more information also have a look at the KRYPTADE trials and our KRYPTADE leaflet. (PDF Format).

KRYPTADES benefits are described:

Treatment and Rehydration
A Powerful Treatment For a Faster and Gentler recovery
– 40% less electrolytes
– 24 hours earlier return of appetite
Cryptosporidial Scours in Calves
Active ingredient: Betacyclodextrin
Available in 80 g Sachets, 5 kg buckets, and 15 kg buckets

As described in 2006, the year of the launch:

KRYPTADE is a new calf scour rehydration electrolyte. Kryptade gives farmers a completely new tool to manage the dehydration of scouring calves by reducing the scour severity from cryptosporidiosis.

Developed in New Zealand by Dr Bruce Pauling veterinarian, “Kryptade is a major breakthrough for New Zealand farmers,” he says. “Currently there are no products which will directly influence and assist calves to recover from cryptosporidiosis. Kryptade combines fluid rehydration with treatment benefits. Importantly, it can be used for dehydration of scours from any nutritional or infectious origin, without any downside risk from such factors as antibiotic resistance. Formulating this extra performance is based on a carbohydrate called betacyclodextrin,”

“Calf rearers will notice a faster rate of recovery with brighter and more vigorous activity earlier,” Dr Pauling states. He says “trials carried out in the Waikato in 2005 confirmed that betacyclodextrin added to the electrolyte Enervade, limited the severity of scours and reduced the period of treatment. Calves in a number of field studies showed a faster return to appetite for milk (by 24 hours) than electrolyte-only treated calves. And, the treated calves also took 40% less electrolyte volume to full recovery.”

“These savings are really important features for farmers,” he says. “It means that calves are in the hospital recovery mobs for shorter periods, and there are reduced numbers receiving intensive treatment.”

“The great feature with Kryptade is that calves will drink the medicated electrolytes readily – rehydrating them, while receiving a therapeutic treatment for crypto infection. If there is no crypto present there are no risks. It will rehydrate all calves irrespective of the cause of scours. Being based on carbohydrates, and a range of natural features such as seaweed in an electrolyte base, it has no withholding period and has no tissue residue problems. It is an over-the-counter product requiring no prescription.”

“Palatability of KRYPTADE is one of the first things farmers will notice. They find it more palatable than other products. One it has no bitter components (acetate), and bitter taste will be registered in the presence of sweetness as the taste buds are different in different parts of the tongue. The second is KRYPTADE is based on an isotonic solution, and leads to faster stomach emptying, meaning calves are ready for further electrolytes sooner. Gentle and patient care is required for affected calves to drink voluntarily, the goal is to establish appetite for milk as early as possible without upsetting a delicate gut.”

A veterinary diagnosis is recommended to confirm that cryptosporidiosis is the cause of any infectious scour.

KRYPTADE is available from all New Zealand veterinarians.

1 September 2006
Bruce Pauling B.V.Sc
Managing Director

Available in 5 kg buckets – 62 doses; and 15 kg buckets 185 doses (approx.). Also available in sachets (80 g per sachet per 2 litre dose)

5kg Bucket II

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September 2006.